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Waverly Silicone Pacifier Clip


The Waverly Silicone Pacifier Clip is made from 100% food-grade silicone for safety & durability. Attach the pacifier to your little one's bib or outfit & never drop the pacifier again!

CPSIA tested & certified safe.


9" length

100% food-grade silicone

Free from BPA, lead, phthalates, latex & cadmium.

How to Attach Pacifier Clip:
1. Inspect the pacifier clip before each use. Discard immediately if there are signs of damage. 
2. Thread the silicone loop through the item of your choosing – pacifier, teether, toy, sippy cup, snack containers, stuffed animals, etc. 
3. Feed the metal clip through the loop & pull tight.
4. Clip to your child's clothing in the location of your choice. Never clip around the child's neck.

Care Instructions
The silicone part of the clip can be submerged in water to clean with soap & water. Spot clean the metal clip with warm water & mild soap - do not submerge metal clip. Immediately dry off the silicone pacifier clip with a towel then let it air dry with the metal clip open. 

Please check each time you use the clip for wear, & if it does show signs of wear, throw away immediately. As usual, please monitor the baby when using the silicone pacifier clip. Do not use while the baby is sleeping & do not attach the clip around the baby's neck. This item does contain small parts.

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