Sustainable to Our Core • Capsule Buy-Back

Capsule will buy back any gently worn clothing purchased at Capsule (89 E Bremer Ave Waverly, IA or online at www.capsulestyle.com) for up to 50% of the original purchase price in the form of Capsule Credit. We carry only high-quality brands to support our mission of sustainable fashion to reduce the number of garments going into landfills & reusing clothing with our Capsule Credit program. Capsule Credit earned on items sold back to Capsule can then be used to purchase new items at Capsule.

Seconds Sale

We are excited to offer a semi-annual Seconds Sale on all of our gently worn clothing at a lower price than buying brand new. More details on our Seconds Sale coming soon!

We may be interested in purchasing garments from you that are from the same brands we sell at Capsule in the form of Capsule Credit. More details coming soon!